About Arefa

Design inspiration


Arefa Motala, founder of Arefa, was inspired to create her debut collection by her travels through the Middle East and exotic India as well as time spent on London’s vibrant fashion scene.

Arefa’s designs are personal and unique embroidered dresses in delicate fabrics. Her desire to create luxury garments stems from contrasting and blending Western and Eastern fashions to produce glamorous, eye-catching outfits that can be worn on any occasion.

What makes each dress stand out is the luxurious quality of the fabrics and the shimmering finish of the embroidered patterns, each designed by Arefa herself.

The designs are sophisticated and feminine, the textiles sumptuously soft and floaty to wear. Arefa’s colour palette takes its inspiration from rich, opulent spice tones and deep midnight skies of the East with some more demure and natural hues as well.

Contemporary fashion designs, made-to-measure and all finished to the highest quality by hand

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